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Art Therapy

Art therapy is a therapeutic intervention that combines talk therapy and art making to provide clients with additional ways to create and express themselves. 

Art therapy isn’t just a way to feel better and have extra stuff to stick on your fridge, it’s a space where clients can let their guard down and gain insight. Instead of having to sit with hard conversations and things it may be hard to talk about, art therapy clients can express themselves in ways they're most comfortable with.

Clients don't have to be super creative or talented or trained to benefit from art therapy. From paint, to crayons, feathers, and glitter there's a lot of opportunities for client's to express themselves. Art therapy can be a space where perfectionists can let their guard down, gain insight and inspiration, and feel relaxed.  Art therapy requires no artistic experience and is an additional tool to reach our goals together.

Art therapy can help with the following:

-Managing Stress



-Low Self-Esteem


-Adjustment Issues

-Emotional Regulation